N-Park's Management Council Term 2009-2010


Following positions of N-Park MC (Management Council) Term 2009-2010 has been selected and filled in the MC meeting on 24th August 2009.


CHAIRMAN                          OON CHEE LOON


SECRETARY                        ANN OOI

TREASURER                        MS. LEE SAW AI

AUDITOR                              TAN YING KOON

AUDITOR                              TAN BEE SAN


IT HEAD                                TAL LI CHONG


COMMITTEE                        NANCY OOI SEOK LLEW

COMMITTEE                        CHEAH HOCK HING

COMMITTEE                        OON CHEE HONG

COMMITTEE                        OH SHE CHYE

COMMITTEE                        CHAN CHEN NONG



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News: N-Park on Sin Chew Daily 21st August 2009






















NEWS: N-Park on The Star 22nd August 2009 (Saturday Metro)

Pilot water-saving initiative

A CONDOMINIUM in Batu Uban, Penang, has been picked as the first in the country to carry out a water-saving project which is aimed at reducing water usage by at least 10% a year.

The ‘Nega-litres Campaign’ which kicked off yesterday will see residents in 100 units at the N-Park Condominium taking part in the pilot project jointly implemented by the Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID), Water Watch Penang (WWP) and Penang Water Supply Corporation Bhd (PBA).

State DID director Hanapi Mohamad Noor said the relevant parties would carry out monthly water usage audit at participating units.

“They will work together to create awareness among residents on the need to conserve water and to increase water-use efficiency.

“A rainwater harvest system that can contain 10,000 litres of water will also be built on the roof of one of the blocks. The water will then be used for non-drinking purpose at the common area,” he said during a press conference after the launching of the campaign at the condominium yesterday.

He said the RM250,000 system would be linked to PBA’s water supply system and the treated water would only be used when the water in the tank ran low.

Hanapi said 30% of the water consumption in Penang was for domestic purposes and the rest for industrial and agriculture sectors.

“The state will face water crisis by 2010 as more water is being consumed while supply remains the same,” he said, adding the campaign would be implemented nationwide if it was proven successful.

WWP president Prof Chan Ngai Weng said each Malaysian uses an average of 280 litres of water a day which is 50% more than the average usage of each Singaporean.

“Our country is fortunate as we have treated water running round the clock. Other than saving money, a more important aim of this campaign is to save water.

“We don’t want to end up drinking recycled water like what’s happening in Singapore,” said Prof Chan, who is also the condominium’s residents association chairman.







RE : implementation of 8TH  Lucky Draw for car parking lot [2009~2010] 


Please be informed that 8th Lucky Draw registration shall commence on 06 August 2009 till 26 August 2009 at the Management Office from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm during weekdays and 9:00 am to 12:30 pm on Saturdays.


Only unit owners are allowed to apply and must register their particulars at the Management Office.  Rules & Regulations must be complied compulsorily before you are allowed to be registered in our Lucky Draw list.


For further clarifications and inquiries, kindly liaise with our Management Office at Tel: 04-658 2280.


Thank you.


N Park Water Saving Campaign Launch on 21 Aug @ 3pm


Dear Residents,


Please note that the N Park Water saving Campaign Launch is as follows.

Please come or ask your family members to come.

There is Free high Tea during the launch & free souvenirs:


Event:             N Park Water Saving Campaign Launch

Date:               21 August 2009

Time:             3.00pm (Please note time is 3.00pm & not 3.30pm as stated in Banner)

Place:              N-Park Lobby

High Tea:       Will be provided Free (All owners & residents are welcome)


Dr Chan Ngai Weng

Chairman MC N-Park

14 Management Committees were chosen on 2nd N-Park AGM

14 management committees were chosen during 2nd AGM on 2nd Aug 2009

Total 74 votes (resident with strata title) and top 3 were

Dr. Chan – 69 votes

Tan Ying Koon - 63 votes

Tan Bee San – 63 votes

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Picture Sharing: Accident on 7th Aug

For sharing only,

Accident on 7th Aug ~ 4pm, at the junction outside N-Park.

I heard the motorcycle rider was injured quite badly.

Pictures shared by

Tai LC

N-PARK's MC Meeting on 24th Aug@8:30pm

Dear New 2009/2010 MC Members,

First meeting on 24th Aug 2009 (Monday) to discuss the following agenda:

Venue and Time: 8.30pm Conference Room Block A



1. Adoption of AGM Minutes on 2 August 2009

2. Election of MC Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Heads of Committees (Security, Engineering, House keeping, etc)

3. Activities Planning for 2009

4. Lucky Draw 2009/2010

5. MC Committee members Car Park & RA Committee Members Car Park

6. Property Swap & Related Issues

7. Other matters

Heartiest Congratulation to Dr. Chan, Chairman of N-Park MC

Heartiest Congratulation to Dr. Chan, Chairman of N-Park’s MC being awarded the Penang State Government “DJN” Medal, in conjunction with the Governor of Penang birthday on 11 July 2009.

DJN - this Order of Chivalry was instituted in the year 1969 and is conferred on individuals who have contributed outstanding services in any field. This award is limited to six hundred (600) living persons, excluding non-Malaysians who may be conferred the award on an honorary basis.


On behalf of

N-Park's Management Committees & Residents

Community Program: N-Park Water Saving Project


Dear all N-Park Residents,


The N-Park water saving Project is only one of 10 projects selected by the Government in the whole country and the ONLY ONE in Penang. In this project, the Government is giving money to help owners and residents save water. All we need to do is take part. When successful, N-Park will be famous. We will target 100 units to take part and it is totally FREE.


P/S…..As for all the N-Park owners and residents who have not registered for this project, please do so at the Management Office.


Professor Dr Chan Ngai Weng
Chairman, Management Committee N Park