Activity: N-Park Water Painting & Coloring Competition 31 Oct 2009 @ 1pm.

Dear Owners & Residents of N-Park,


N-Park is organising a Water Painting & Coloring Competition this Saturday 31 October 2009 from 1.00pm to 3.00pm. Those with children below 12 years old are welcome to participate. Just register on the spot. Come at 12.30pm to register. Your support is much appreciated. There will be food and drinks served. The first prize in each category is a bicycle. Participants are required to bring their colour pencils, water colours, crayons etc.The 3 categories are as follows:




   A Age  6 & below (Colouring - we will provide the picture to be coloured)

   B Age   7 – 9 Years

   C Age 10 – 12 Years


All committee members with children below 12 are requested to bring their kids to take part. I am referring especially to Miss Lee, Teh, Cheah, Bee San, Chen Nong, Tai. I myself will bring my two kids to take part. Just bring them and have fun.


Thank you for your support,


Dr Chan Ngai Weng

Vice-Chairman of MC

Pertandingan Melukis/Mewarna N PARK @ 31 October 2009, 2:00pm

Pertandingan Melukis and Mewarna Di N-Park


Sempena Pelancaran Sistem Penuaian Air Hujan


Bertemakan Sumber Air


For more info contact, N-Park Management Tel: 04-6582280 


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EVENT: Car Park Lucky Draw @ 12th Sept 2009


Overwhelming respond from N-Park’s residents and the draw result as attached here.


Tai LC