N-Park - Change of Security Company.

FYI> Change of security company at N-Park. 

Fwd: [MCNPARK] lazy pool - continuation of work

Dear all

Part of the pool wall has been thoroughly brushed off by the workers.  It looks clean now.  They will continue with the work till refilling of water that will probably takes about another 10 days to complete. We will ensure the work is fully completed before the coming A G M.

Thank you



Fwd: [MCNPARK] Tree cutting by sunnyville management

Dear N-Park residents, 

I have just received call by Sunnyville management that they will engage their landscape contractor to chop off the overgrown tree branches penetrated in our compound which is facing Block F's pump room.  Work to this effect shall be on this Monday (15 July) from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.  We will ask Pak Cik to place a small notice on those vehicle parking along the area tonight and tomorrow to prevent any mishap that might happen.

We have also informed security to divert the traffic during this hour.

Thank you