N Park - Monthly MC Meeting (27 Dec 2011 @ 8.30pm)

Dear All

Kindly take note that the meeting is fixed on 27 Dec 2011 @ 8.30pm.  Pls confirm your attendance before 22 next week.

Thank you



N-Park : Proposed CNY Lion Dance and Wushu (On CNY 2012)

Canceled - "Cleaner, Greener Penang" @ N-Park on 4 Dec., 2011

Enclosed self-explanatory email on the event cancellation........

Our PECC committee has just had a meeting and some issues have been raised. The main problem we are currently facing is manpower shortage. It has come to our attention the last few days that many of our members will be away for the long school holidays and will not be available to participate in this event on the 4/12/11. And as you know this program requires a lot of volunteers to get it done. As such we have no choice but to regrettably inform you that PECC will have to cancel this program. Appreciate if you could kindly convey the message to your MC. We truly apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Secondly, it was also raised that some of the items (especially those in blue color) in the minutes were not discussed  or mentioned during our joint committee meeting in N-Park on the 11/11/11 but was somehow added into the minutes of meeting. As we need to file up all our minutes of meeting for recording purposes, we would like to make a note that all those items in blue are actually not part of the minutes but rather addition by the N-Park MC subsequently. That is just for our own record.
Thank you.
Best Regards,
(PECC Committee Member)

CLEANER, GREENER PENANG, December 4, 2011 (Sunday) @ N-Park Lobby


Date :  December 4, 2011   (Sunday)

Venue :  N-Park Lobby


Participants/Sponsorship from  :      1.  MPPP
                                                     2.  PECC/PENANG E-COMMUNITY (NGO)
                                                     3.  (Pakatan Assembly Man)  :  Mr. Sim Tze Tsim



Invitations :  
1. Sunshine Square to set up booth  for registration of Sunshine Membership Card

2. Residents from neighborhood Sunnyville, E-Park and Taman Utara to participates
    - To get to know them, and  form Pro-Tem Commttee to discuss meetings at N-Park on related issues faced by our Condos.

Competitions :
1.  Childen Drawing Competition  (20 participants)
2.  Children Karaoke Competition  (6 participants)
3.  Senior Citizen (Age 50 and above) Karaoke Competition (6 participants)

Other Events for the day:
1.  Speech by Fire Department
2.  Speech by Police Department
3.  Distribution of Re-Cycle Shopping Begs 
4.  Door Gifts
5.  Lucky Draws and Prizes

Monthly Management Committee (MC) meeting : 17th October 2011

Please take note this month's meeting is scheduled on 17 Oct 2011 @ 8.30pm in Block A conference room. 
Please confirm your attendance to Erica before this Friday (14th October 2011).

N Park - 5th Monthly Management Committee Meeting

Dear All
Kindly be informed that the above 5th MC meeting is scheduled on 18 July 2011 at 8.30 pm in the Block A meeting room. The Agenda is as follows :-

1. TNG - progress update ;
2. Accounts Update ;
3. Security Issues ;
4. Repair and Maintenance update ;
5. Any other matters

Memo: Sole Parental Responsibility On Using Common Facilities


Date        : 21 June 2011

To    : All residents via Notice Board

Fr    : The Management

CC    : The Management Corporation Of N Park

Re  : Sole Parental Responsibility On Using Common Facilities

Dear Sir / Madam

We refer to the above matter.  We wish to inform all residents that it is highly the responsibility of the adult / parents on the safety of their children when using the common area / facilities.

The children should be accompanied by an adult or parents who would be fully guiding them all along for the use of any common area / facilities and they are to ensure their personal safety is protected at all times. We wish to emphasis that it is NOT the responsibility of The Management or The Security in guiding / accompanying their children for the use of the common area / facilities.  The Management or The Security will only give advices / assistance on the reach of their children when in need of help. Hence, all parents / adult are reminded NOT to leave their children alone un-accompanied.

Your kind understanding and full co-operation to the above is most appreciated.

Thank you



The Management


Tender Forms Attached.


This the open tender for N-Park to Install the CCTV cameras around the premise.


1     Please obtain a copy of this tender form from the management office and attach with your quotation &                                                                      

      camera broucher.                                                                           

2    Appointment for site inspection / measurement must be made through management office at the above                                                                          

       address and phone number.                                                                        

3    Presentation of equipments / sets are required when shortlisted.                                                                          

4    Please speficy term of payment                                                                         

5    Completion Date                                                                      

6    Quotation Validity Period                                                                            

7    Please submit your complete tender form with sealed envelope and marked ' NP - CCTV Installation' on                                                                        

      the tender box located on the glass door of the management office (in front of the swimming pool).                                                                          

8    Tender close on 1st August 2011 before 12.00noon.                                                                            

9    The Management shall not bound to accept the lowest price  first and reserves the right to evaluate the                                                                            

      supplier's background and reserve the right not to accept and reject the tender.     

Exchange Of New Touch & Go Card (Upgrading Facility)

To All Residents via Notice Board

Dear Sir / Madam                                                                                                                        16 June 2011

Re : Exchange Of New Touch & Go Card (Upgrading Facility)

Kindly be informed that we are in process of upgrading the existing Touch and Go Card.  The present old system that needs you to wind down the car window will be scrapped soon. It will be replaced by a new system where you need to place your NEW card inside your car window and your access is automatic. You are then free from getting wet and damp during rainy season.

To qualify for the card, you are required to adhere to the following guidelines :-

Option 1


Each Card – RM30.00 (must exchange with the existing old card). ONE (1) unit is entitled for One Card Only or based on your car park allotment. Maintenance Fee must be settled till Sept 2011.  If you are in arrears of maintenance fee, you are required to pay 50% of the old debt and follow by monthly fix instalment. Your entry will be barred should your maintenance fee is remained unpaid for more than four (4) months.


Option 2


RM40.00 per card should you have lost the existing old card.  One (1) unit is entitled for One Card Only or based on your car park allotment. Maintenance Fee must be settled till Sept 2011. If you are in arrears of maintenance fee, you are required to pay 50% of the old debt and follow by monthly fix instalment. Your entry will be barred should your maintenance fee is remained unpaid for more than four (4) months.

This exercise is open from 1st July 2011 to 1 September 2011.  Therefore you have the 2 months grace period to exchange your card.  Your entry will be rejected should you have not met the deadline.  Please do not confront the security or management staff if the fault lies on you.

For enquiry, please feel free to contact the above phone number.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

For Nostalgia Kencana Sdn Bhd


The Management


Cc    1. N Park - Management Corporation Team

       2. Special Squad Security Services Sdn Bhd

N Park - 4th Monthly MC meeting, 20th June 2011 at 8.30 pm

Dear All

Kindly be informed that the 4th monthly  meeting is scheduled on 20th June 2011 at 8.30 pm at the same venue.


1. Security issues
2. Accounts Report
3. Installation of 18 CCTV - approval of Tender Form
4. Report of progress of work
5. Other matters

Thank you

3rd monthly MC meeting (of 2011)

Management Committees,
Please take note that 3rd monthly meeting (of 2011) will be held on 11 April 2011 (Monday) at the same time and venue. 

New Maintenance Fee – RM120.00 per month (effective 1st April 2011)

30 March 2011


The Residents

N Park Condo


Dear Sir /Madam


Re : New Maintenance Fee – RM120.00 per month


We refer to the above matter.

Please be informed that due to the escalating cost of building materials and followed by the high cost of  T N B / P B A ' s new tariff,  these factor has affected our day to day management operation works.  Should we continue collecting the old rate of RM100.00, we will certainly NOT able to maintain the existing amenities provided in the common properties smoothly.

However, to overcome this problem, we have highlighted this issue in our 3rd A G M dated 15 January 2011 that it is necessary to increase the maintenance fee from RM100.00 to RM120.00 per month. This resolution was passed and was unanimously agreed and supported by all the residents that the new rate be applied and will come into force commencing 1 April 2011 onwards.

Notwithstanding the above, we are also exploring upgrading works from time to time at all areas that we possibly could. Therefore, we hope all residents will pay up their maintenance fee and other charges promptly so that we will have more opportunity to serve you all and make our Condominium a much better place to live in.

Your kind understanding and full co-operation on the above matter is most appreciated.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully


Board of Management Committees

N-Park MC's Chairman and executives [2011-2012]

Chairman and executives for N-Park's Management Council (MC) were elected in the 1st meeting on 21st February 2011.
Mr. Oon Chee Loon - Chairman
Ms. Ooi Ann Hwa - Secretary
Ms. Lee Saw Ai - Tresurer
Ordinary Committees:
Ms.  Nanacy Ooi
Mr.  Oon Chee Hong
Dr. Chan Ngai Weng
Mr.  Tai Li Chong
Mr. Chan Sek Kheng
Mr. Oh She Chye
Mr. Goh Teng Hor

Newly elected N-Park Management Council Committees (2011-2012)

[ 8th January 2011] 3rd AGM for N-Park condominium

Congratulations to the newly elected management council committee (MC N-Park) for next 2 year term. Chairman and other main positions will be appointed internally in the upcoming MC meeting, please stay tune. New committees are published as following,


1.      Oon Chee Loon

2.      Lee Saw Ai

3.      Ooi Ann Hwa

4.      Nanacy Ooi

5.      Oon Chee Hong

6.      Chan Ngai Weng

7.      Tai Li Chong

8.      Chan Sek Kheng

9.      Oh She Chye

10.  Goh Teng Hor

11.  Teh Chong Hee (Back up)

12.  Yeoh Aik Lai (Back up)


To: All Registered Proprietors (Qualified and Eligibility)

      N Park Condo


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Third (3rd) Annual General Meeting Of Perbadanan Pengurusan N Park is re-fixed on this Saturday 15 January 2011 (postponed from 8 January 2011 due to insufficient quorum) @ 2.00 pm at Block B Main Lobby (next to hair saloon)



1.               Opening address by representative (s) of the Management Council


2.                  To report the resolution passed in the RA meeting dated 8 January 2011 that RA will write to ROS to dissolve their society and RA to write to their end financier to transfer all funds currently kept by them to Management Corporation being their special fund


3.                  To receive and adopt the Minutes of 2nd A G M dated 2 Aug 2009


4.                  To receive and adopt the audited account ending 31st December 2009


5.                  To renew fire insurance for the year 2011


6.                  To report draft Income &Expenditure account ending 31 Dec 2010


7.                  Propose to increase maintenance fee of RM100.00 to RM120.00 effective 1 April 2011 in view of escalation cost of building materials and utility bills.


8.                   Any other matters arising


Your attendance is most appreciated.

Dated  this  10th  of January  2011

 By Order Of The Management Corporation

 Perbadanan Pengurusan N Park