N Park MC Meeting - Tentatively 14 May 2014

Hi all

Please be informed that the meeting for the month of May is tentatively fixed on 14 May 2014 (wednesday) at the same time and venue.  Please keep me inform  before 09 May if you have any objection on the stipulated date.  Should majority is comfortable with the proposed date, then the meeting shall be proceeded, otherwise a new date shall be proposed.

Thank you



Block C & D - New car porch ceiling

Water proofing work at top of the car porch ceiling for the above two blocks have been completed.  New facelit on the porch to enhance brightness and to increase awareness for the sake of loading and unloading purposes by heavy lorries. 

Minimarket robber - Caught by police

This is to inform you that the robber who robbed the minimarket was caught last night somewhere outside N Park.  He was taken away by the police around 11.15pm last night.

Confirmation of N Park MC Committee Meeting on 15 Apr 2014

Please take note on the MC meeting date above. 
Venue: Block A meeting room.  

Install motorcycle access card system

Installation of the above system is on the way.  Preliminary work is being carried out and expect to complete 3 weeks later. 

It is mainly for security reason and thus better control on the motorcycle in our compound. Further it helps restrict the stranger from come in especially the recent robbery at the mini-market. 

Image of the Minmarket robber

Attach herewith is the image of that robber taking cash from the minimarket's cashier.  We have viewed the cctv footage for the backgate if he comes from the back.  Unluckily, he was not, there is no entry shown for him to use the gate.  

Awareness - Minimarket Robbery

Unfortunately, some stranger invaded our compound and rob our minimarket twice. This is to alert all residents to increase awareness and beware of the stranger roaming around our compound We have informed the guards to act accordingly and question stranger in our compound too.