Temporary shut down of lift 6 Block B

Date: 26 Nov 2009


Dear Residents,


Kindly take note that the above lift was shut down this afternoon. The lift technician had done the trouble shooting but discovered that some parts in the motor burnt.  They will change the parts tomorrow and will see the answer thereafter.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Thank you

Appointed New Security Guard for N-Park on Jan 1st, 2010

N-Park residents,

Please be informed that new Security Company, Cepat Pantas S/B has been appointed to replace the current security company Special Squad S/B from 1st Jan 2010.


Community Service: Resource Recycling for Tzu Chi Dialysis Center (charity)

N-Park Community Service: Resource Recycling for Tzu Chi Dialysis Center 


Venue:             Main Lobby

Time:               Every Last Weekend of the Months

Method:            Drop in you recycle items into bin provided (old newspaper, magazine and corrugated carton box )


All proceeds will be donated to Tzu Chi Dialysis Center to help the needy.


Please see the collection date as attached below.


MC Committee Meeting on 16th Nov 2009 (Monday) @ 8.30pm

Please note that there will be a MC Committee Meeting on 16th Nov 2009 (Monday) 8.30pm  at Block A Conference Room



1.     Minutes of  Last Meeting

2.     Accounts Report

3.     Security Report

4.     Management Report

5.     Any Other Matters



The Sun Daily 1st Nov 2009: N Park Rain Harvest System

Act now to avert water woes, Penangites told
Opalyn Mok

GEORGE TOWN (Nov 1, 2009) : Penang will face severe water shortage problems by 2011 if Penangites do not take steps to save water resources such as implementing rain harvesting measures at high-rise buildings.

State Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) director Hanapi Mohamad Noor said apartment buildings will be able to save 20% on water bills by using a rain harvesting system to provide water for usage at the common areas.

"The rain water collected from the rain harvesting system could be used by the residents to wash cars, water the gardens and to flush toilets and wash hands at the toilets in the common areas," said Hanapi who officiated the DID's pilot rain harvesting project at N-Park condominiums over the weekend.

Although the system may be costly to implement as the installation of the system at N-Park costs about RM250,000, Hanapi said it is practically maintenance-free.

"The system uses a gravity system to channel the collected rain water to the storage tanks and does not use any pumps or electricity so it does not need to be maintained. It only requires regular checks to make sure the pipes and tanks were not clogged with leaves or other solid matter," he said.

Following the pilot project at the condominium, DID is looking at implementing a similar system at a low-cost apartment next year.

"We will install a similar system costing about RM200,000 at a low-cost apartment next" he said.

However, DID will not be going around installing the system at all of the residential high-rise buildings in the state.

"We can't afford to do this free for every building. We are only installing the system in two buildings as an example to all developers to encourage them to incorporate this system into their developments," he said.

The department is also encouraging homeowners and residential high-rise building management corporations to install the system on their own.

The rain harvesting system installed at N-Park comprises six tanks with the capacity to store 60,000 litres of rain water.

The tank capacity will ensure that the water collected can last for up to three months during droughts.

Hanapi said the system, if used for the long-term by more high-rise buildings, will be able to reduce the treated water usage in the state tremendously.

"Penangites will also need to implement other water saving measures to reduce water consumption so that we may not be faced with water shortage problems in future," he added.

Updated: 07:14PM Sun, 01 Nov 2009


The Star: 3rd Nov 2009, N-Park Recycle the Rain water

Rainwater being put to good use


RAINWATER harvesting will be implemented at low-cost flats in Penang if a pilot water-saving project at a condominium block in the state here is successful.

Penang Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) director Hanapi Mohamad Noor said the department would monitor the pilot project at the N-Park Condominium in Batu Uban and, if successful, extend it to low-cost housing such as the Penang Municipal Council flats in Sungai Pinang.

“We plan to begin implementing it at the low-cost flats by the middle of next year, as there would be some indication of the performance of the system at the condominium by then,” he said.

He was speaking to reporters on Saturday after launching the pilot project named Nega-Litres (for negative litres), aimed at reducing water usage by 10% to 20% in a year.

Hanapi (right) and Prof Chan inspecting one of the six tanks used to story rainwater at the N-Park Condominium.

Hanapi said N-Park Condominium was the first high-rise residential apartment in the country to carry out rainwater harvesting but such a system already existed in places like the 1Utama shopping complex in Petaling Jaya and residential houses in Sabah.

He said the pilot project jointly implemented by the DID, Water Watch Penang and Penang Water Supply Corporation Bhd cost nearly RM250,000.

The sum covered six water tanks with a capacity of 10,000 litres each to store rainwater collected from the roof of a condominium block, and the piping system inclusive of 26 taps.

Hanapi said that as there was no pump, the water supply was by gravity flow and it was meant for the common area use only, such as for watering plants, washing cars, and cleaning common area facilities including the public toilets.

WWP president Prof Chan Ngai Weng, who is also the condominium’s Residents’ Association chairman, said the water bill for its common area came to about RM5,000 per month.

He also said that 100 households at the condominium had also pledged to reduce their water usage and monthly contests would be carried out as incentives.


kWANG WAH DAILY: N Park 环保先锋

首座公寓用再循环雨水洗车浇花 N-Park环保先锋

二零零九年十一月二日 凌晨十二时三十六分