Block A underground pipe burst

The photos are the repair work for the underground pipe burst in between Block  B and the ramp leading to Car Park E.  Work done on 27th morning and completed around 3.30 pm after testing and commissioning done.

Memo: Block C - repairing 2nd floor concrete slab

Block D Repair water seepage

In progress of rectifying the water proofing work on the concrete floor.  Will move on the progress to Block C in another two to three week's time subject to fine weather. 

Guard Post - new outlook [Pictures]

The entrance / security surroundings look much better now. 

Basketball water seepage and affected car park lots [Pictures]

Hi all

Hosen had started work today, whatever mentioned in the last meeting about the cracked wall / line, he is in the progress of rectifying the work.

Thank you



drain crack and settlement [Picture to Share]