Memo: Adjourned N-Park 2nd AGM to 2nd Aug 09 @ 2pm.


Adjourned N-Park 2nd AGM to 2nd Aug 09 @ 2pm.

Adjourned N-Park 2nd AGM to 2nd August 2009.


Due to insufficient quorum, the 2nd AGM had been adjourned to 2nd August 2009. Details as following


Venue :             Block B lobby

Date:                2nd August 2009

Time:                2:00 p.m.


During the meeting, the attendees agreed to close the nomination and will proceed to the MC election.



Awareness: Cigarette butts thrown from balcony (13th July 2009)

Complain from Resident:


Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 10:56 AM

Subject: Cigarette butts thrown from balcony


Hi N park committee,





I will like to lodge a complain about residents who are throwing cigarette butts from their balcony . This is a dangerous act because the butts found sometimes are still lighted and may actually cause fire. As you know most people will hang their clothes at the balcony and this butts may actually cause the clothes to get burnt or worse it may start a fire. Also, it causes great discomfort to people who has to smell the smoke and it also causes the clothings to have an undesirable smell. If possible, please put up posters to warn people to behave responsibly by throwing the cigarette butts into rubbish bin where they belong.


Management's Respond

date      Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 1:14 AM

subject Re: [NPark] Fw: Cigarette butts thrown from balcony




Your msg noted. In fact we have already put up a few posters on the risk of fire where the old newspaper placed on the balcony and the attaps were caught fire due to lighted cigarette butts thrown from the air. Unluckily, our 'awareness campaign' does not help much. The smokers have thrown their butts everywhere as you can see either in the lift / 2nd floor vooid area or some hidden in the bush.


Lack of consideration is can lead to air pollution and indiscriminate littering. I think they know too about the risk of loss of properties but they just can't be bothered much.. Moreover. it is quite hard to educate these smokers as firstly we won't be able to know who are the smokers around and secondly, it is their habit to do so.


Anyway, i will put up posters again  as a reminder to them. Hopefully they will change their attitude and mindset to reduce the risk of fire.


Thank you


The Management

Notice: MC Committee Meeting on 20th July 2009@ 8.30pm, Block A Conference Room

Dear MC Committee Members,


Please note that there will be a MC Committee Meeting on 20th July 2009 (Monday) 8.30pm  at Block A Conference Room




1.     Minutes of  Last Meeting

2.     Accounts Report

3.     Security Report

4.     Management Report

5.     AGM Matters

6.     Lucky Draw Car Park Matters

7.     Any Other Matters



Thank you.



Dr Chan Ngai Weng

MC Chairman

NOTICE: N Park 2ND ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM ) on 25th July 2009@2pm, Main Lobby

1 July 2009


All Parcel Proprietors

N Park Condo


Dear Sir / Madam


Re       : N Park Condo        NOTICE OF 2ND ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM )


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the above meeting will be held as stated below :-


Date                 : 25 July 2009 (Saturday)

Time                 : 2.00 pm

Venue              : Block B – Main Lobby – next to Hair Saloon

Agenda                        : 1.       Opening Speech given by The Chairman

 2.               To receive and confirm the minutes of 1st Annual General Meeting held on 26 July 2008.

 3.               To receive a draft Income & Expenditure Account for Management Corporation for the period of 1st January 2009 to 30th June 2009.

 4.               To decide whether to maintain or increase the current RM100.00 maintenance fee.

 5.               To decide whether to confirm, vary or extend insurances effected by the Management Corporation.

 6.               To decide on the dissolution of Resident Association.

 7.               To withdraw the use of the lucky draw car parks currently used by the previous RA members for the use of lucky draw car park.

         8.               To decide on the sale or continue to rent the lucky draw car parks

 9.               To replenish the new sinking fund of RM100.00 as one off payment as the developer has replaced the sinking fund and deposit with other properties. This new sinking fund is to generate operating cost as the building is ageing restoration due to fair wear and tear.

 10.           To elect members of the council and / or to authorize the in coming council to elect its Office Bearers.

 11.           To decide on the appointment of existing Property Management / Housekeeping / Landscaping and Security as to whether to continue or terminate with valid reasons.


Please take note that under the relevant sections of the Strata Title Act 1985 (Act 318) only registered proprietors who are up to date in their payments in maintenance fee (till July 2009) and other charges are eligible to vote.

We enclose herewith the Nomination Form and Proxy Form as a standard procedure for you to cast the vote. 


Thank you


Yours faithfully

Perbadanan Pengurusan N Park


Profession Chan Ngai Weng                                                                  Ooi Ann Hwa

Council Chairman                                                                                  Council Secretary